S04E02 – Elon Musk’s Pay and Hunter Biden’s Conviction

In this episode of Finding Common Battle Grounds, Ryan and Tom are again joined by Josh who may be more of a permanent fixture on the podcast. We tackle two topics. First, we explore Elon Musk’s pay package which was recently approved by Tesla shareholders and would net him tens of billions of dollars. Ryan argues that his opinion isn’t worth anything as he is no longer a shareholder, but he does think it’s excessive. Tom and Josh argue that Elon delivered so he deserves it. This leads us down many other meandering paths before we get to our second topic – Hunter Biden’s gun conviction. Ryan raised this topic because he saw it as extremely hypocritical that Republicans were claiming that Donald Trump’s felony convictions for hiding the Stormy Daniels hush money payments were a political witch hunt, Republicans are raving over how corrupt Hunter Biden is and are delighted at his conviction. Ryan makes two points: (1) Trump and Hunter Biden broke the law and no one should be above the law. (2) Both of these trials are political in the sense that they would have been unlikely to have happened if not for the prominent political profiles of these two individuals. Tommy agrees with Ryan on both counts. Josh agrees with the latter point but isn’t as convinced that Trump’s felony convictions are a real crime.

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