About Us

Political discussions in the US have gotten a bit out of hand. What if we focused on where we agree instead of attacking people when we disagree? That’s the goal of our podcast – Finding Common (Battle) Grounds. Tom/Tommy “The Conservative” and Ryan “The Progressive” try to find points of agreement on political topics during their bi-weekly discussions. We’d love to produce more podcasts, but we have day jobs. “Battle Grounds”? Yep. If we can find common ground, then we can work together to fight all the lunacy that surrounds us.

In earlier seasons, the participants varied. For Seasons 1 and 2, the participants were Josh and Ryan Cragun. Jake Cragun, their nephew, moderated a couple of early episodes as well. In Season 3, Nate Triplett was the progressive for a short period.

Who are we?

The Conservative: Tom Triplett
Somewhat right of center, but not a MAGA fan or gun nut, he’s got some conservative values.

The Progressive: Ryan Cragun
college professor, atheist, mostly vegetarian, composts

Former Podcast Members

The Conservative: Josh Cragun
small business owner, Christian, gun lover, meat eater

The Progressive: Nate Triplett
Patagonia-wearing union organizer and nephew of Tom.

Moderator: Jake Cragun
law student; nephew to the other two Craguns

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