S02E07 – Open Discussion: Disney and Don’t Say Gay

In this episode of Finding Common Battle Grounds, we had originally intended to have another open discussion (our approach when one of us doesn’t have enough time to research an issue). Tom had several questions lined up, but we ended up spending over an hour on the first question: Is Disney’s opposition to the recently passed “Don’t Say Gay” legislation in Florida going to have harmful consequences for Disney? Additionally, is Disney’s embrace of progressive values for employees and in some of its media beneficial or detrimental for the company? Our discussion is wide-ranging, but the focus is on whether media with an overt agenda is okay. Josh argues that agenda-driven media is problematic, regardless of whether the agenda is conservative or progressive. Ryan argues that all media has an agenda and that it is primarily when we disagree with the agenda that we find it problematic. Everyone agrees that being preached at isn’t preferred in media.

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