S03E11 – Elites and the Disenfranchised, the Florida State Guard (jk), and the FBI Kill a Provo Man

It’s been a few weeks, but we’re back. We talk about some of what we’ve been up to over the last month, then jump into two news items. First up is an opinion piece by NYTimes contributor David Brooks that suggests professionals (or the professional class) are condescending and dismissive of the working class, which has led them to feel disenfranchised and choose as their representative Donald Trump, who they think sticks it to the professional class (or elites). We discuss this op-ed, tackle the issue of elites again, and then wonder why these individuals chose a billionaire, elite-educated, New Yorker as their champion. The second story we discuss is the renewal of the Florida State Guard by Ron DeSantis, which has been a disaster. The training was a mess, people complained, and the mission is unclear. Tom accurately describes this as both (a) a nothing burger and (b) a disturbing sign that DeSantis wants his own personal guard. We then wrap up with a brief discussion of the killing of a man in Provo by the FBI who had made repeated death threats against Biden and other politicians.

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