S02E10 – Will Trump be President again in 2024?

In this short episode, we discuss whether Donald Trump will be elected to the presidency again in 2024. All agree that Trump now has a stranglehold on the Republican Party and that he is still very relevant to politics in the US. Ryan pushes Josh and Tom to examine whether Trump will win the Republican primary, assuming he runs. The other front-runner, Ron DeSantis, seems like the only possible candidate who has a chance against Trump at the present. None of us feel certain that Trump would beat DeSantis, but it is definitely possible given how sycophantic Trump’s followers are. As far as Democratic opponents, we all agree that Biden should not run again, but we could not think of who a viable Democratic candidate would be. The obvious choice, Kamala Harris, does not seem to be all that popular at the moment. Unless the Democratic Party can find a charismatic candidate and economic indicators trend upward, we generally agreed that it seems as though the Republican candidate is likely to win in 2024.

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