S02E08 – Should the federal government ban ghost guns?

In this short podcast, we discuss briefly whether we think the federal government should ban ghost guns. Ghost guns are typically a reference to guns that were created using a nontraditional manufacturing process, like a 3D printer, that do not have a serial number and for which the government has no registration information. Josh and Ryan agree that this is probably a non-issue, though for somewhat different reasons. Josh argues that most 3D-printed guns are not strong enough to shoot more than one round and that these are typically just novelty items. Ryan argues that, once the designs for such guns are online, it’s impossible to remove them; to think otherwise is to fail to understand the internet. Ultimately, we agree that, until ghost guns become a serious issue, this seems like a solution looking for a problem and is likely a waste of time on the part of the ATF and Biden administration.

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