S03E04 – George Santos and US Tanks in Ukraine

In this episode of Finding Common Battle Grounds, we tackle two topics. First up is “How is it acceptable for a pathological liar like Republican George Santos to retain his House seat?” Both Tom and Nate agree that politicians aren’t known for their honesty. George Santos differs in degree, not in kind, from other politicians. They also agree that this boils down to entrenched political power; Republicans cannot afford to remove him from office as he is key to helping them hold their slim majority. The second topic is, “How is it problematic for the Biden administration to agree to send modern tanks to Ukraine?” Nate and Tom agree that the military-industrial complex in the US, in some ways, drives our foreign policy. The US is basically the world’s police force and that is tied to our military spending and military superiority. Both agree that isn’t a great look for the US and would like to see the US less involved in wars.

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